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Halfen HIT 6.11

HALFEN HIT is a CAD library for Balcony Connections
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HALFEN HIT is a CAD library for Balcony Connections.
Due to a separation of exterior concrete components from main structures with HALFEN-Iso-ElemenTs heat loss and CO2-emission is reduced, condensation and mould growth is avoided, heating costs are kept to a minimum. One special feature of the HALFEN-Iso-ElemenT is a combination of metre-units and 200 mm modules to form any length. Through a combination of these units and modules cuttings can be avoided and a high economy grade can be achieved. With this comprehensive product range almost every balcony situation can be completed.

Quality features and benefits of the new HIT-HP High Performance are:

-Highest fire protection class as standard – all standard versions of the new HALFEN Insulated connections HIT-HP are classified in the European fire resistance class for load bearing components with and without room closure REI 120 (F 120).
-HIT-HP: much better heat-insulating features
-HIT-HP elements are now even stronger. At a slab thickness ≥ 16 cm they can transmit shear forces of up to 160 kN/m.
-The new standard element HIT-HP MV is now available in even more sizes: 25 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm. No more time-consuming cutting to size on site.
-Easy installation - When installed from above, there are no protruding bars.
-Planning reliability is ensured through the type approval DIN 1045-1, because the shear capacity is not limited by additional verifications which must be done by the designer.

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